Chief Apostle Schneider visits Northeast Asia

Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider will be visiting Northeast Asia for a whole week. His trip begins in Japan, where the Chief Apostle is scheduled to arrive on Friday, 20 May.

Northeast Asia comprises of Far Eastern Russia, Inner Mongolia, North Korea, South Korea, Japan and the three northeastern provinces of China (Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning).


On Sunday, 22nd May Chief Apostle plans to conduct a divine service at the Keio Plaza Hotel in Tama City, Tokyo. The history of the New Apostolic Church in Japan, dates back to the year 1961. For a long period of time the retired District Evangelist Yoshiharu Yahata worked untiringly, together with his wife Mitsugi, to establish and spread God’s work, in Japan. He was most probably one of the longest serving District Rectors worldwide and was retired at the age of 76, during the year 2008. The retired District Evangelist Yoshiharu Yahata received the Holy sealing on 25th August 1968, with his family. After his retirement, he was succeeded by German born Shepherd Wolfgang Ade. Shepherd Ade lives in Japan for about 34 years and works as an appointed Professor at Dokkyo Medical University. He knows the Japanese language very well.

On Thursday, 26th May, Chief Apostle is scheduled to arrive in South Korea and on Friday morning he and his party will travel to the Imjingak Memorial Park, located about 50 kilometres north-west of Seoul just outside of the city of Paju, where Chief Apostle will say a prayer for peace at the Peace Bell. The park is a symbol of hope for reunification, between North and South Korea, and home to the famous Peace Bell. It weighs several tonnes and is rung especially at New Year’s celebrations as a sign of hope for a reunification of the Korean people.

On Sunday, 29th May, the Chief Apostle will celebrate the divine service in Daejeon.

With a population of 1.5 million, Daejeon is South Korea’s fifth largest city. Seoul, the country’s capital, is a 50-minute trip away by high-speed train.


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