Celebrating Chinese New Year in China – A New Apostolic Christian’s Experience

As global interest in China grows, more foreigners are coming to live, study or work in China. Stacy Julius, is a young South African New Apostolic sister, currently living in China. It was the year 2001 when Stacy came to China for the first time, saying it was an unforgettable memory and she was only 12 years old at the time. Since then she has completed her undergraduate (Bachelor Degree), graduate (Masters Degree) studies and is currently completing her postgraduate (Doctoral Degree) at one of the famous Chinese universities. Stacy is also closely involved with social media and undertakes regular projects on behalf of a major Chinese social media company, which is the Chinese equivalent of Facebook, Inc.

According to Stacy “I have seen how China develops faster and faster. It is comfortable here”. For the past years Stacy witnessed how the country changed. She says,” The biggest change is the people from the middle class beginning to live better. Of course, there are poor, there are rich. The Chinese people are in principle confident in their future. That is, they are sure that the nation is always behind them.”


The year 2017 is the “Year of the Rooster” also called “Year of the Chicken” and Stacy is looking forward to celebrating her 13th Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, in China.  Stacy, whose Chinese name is Zhu Si Wen (珠思文), easily speaks about her life in China. She says that a person can feel the wonderful warmth of family atmosphere, during the Spring Festival.

At a New Year’s dinner held by the University, where she is currently completing her doctoral degree, Stacy sang Chinese songs and her performance won warm applause from her Chinese colleagues. She can speak fluent Chinese and also has abundant knowledge about Chinese culture. According to one of her friends, “Among all foreigners I know, Stacy speaks the best Chinese. Her pronunciation is very clear. If you don’t look at her face, you won’t even know that it is a foreigner speaking Chinese.”

Talking about her impression of the Chinese New Year, she says that she feels very happy and says, with a smile, “During the Spring Festival, I receive many presents and good wishes from my Chinese friends.


Stacy has never regretted coming to China, on the contrary, she loves China with respect. Living in China allowed her to understand the extensive and profound impact of Chinese culture. She expresses her best wishes to the Chinese people for Chinese New Year and wishes the Chinese people prosperity. Stacy concludes by saying “Hopefully one day our Chief Apostle can also come and visit us here in North China”.

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  1. Derrick

    Your story demonstrates that our sojourn on earth is but a test for the evolution and journey of our soul. Theoretically we are able to evolve in any culture. But the soul remains divine, so this proves that culture or belief is not an obstacle to the journey of the soul. The soul is universal and can journey and evolve in any culture. Eventually humanity will evolve to the point where cultural differences won’t matter nor inherent beliefs. As we come to realise, irrespective of culture, there is one God, Creator of all, a God who loves all people, all nations, not only a New Apostolic God, but a universal God, who reigns supreme! Sometimes this concept of such a God is too huge for many to fathom for it is we humans who create the divisions but this One True Living God unites as is demonstrated in your life, dear Stacey, God bless you, kind regards, Derrick

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